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Realize Dreams & Reach Goals

For as long as I can remember I've ended up in jobs where I was helping someone build their business or ministry or take it to the next level. My qualifications were more being willing & resourceful and in the right place at the right time than schooling & degrees. I learned on-the-job, often needing to be resourceful in finding out "how"... and that started long before the Internet, where how-to info was a click of a mouse away. Just to name a few of the many instances where I was tasked to do something I had no idea how to do: I've had the opportunity to take Microsoft software classes paid for by employers; have learned via phone from an experienced programmer when a zealous boss gave me the assignment of creating macros for the computers that were replacing the office word processors; and by default became knowledgeable in web site development to assist my (now) ex-husband in his business.

Harvest Promotions was initially birthed in 2001 as a sister company to my ex-husband's web design business. The web site along with the vision to help people realize their dreams and reach their goals was revised when we split in 2006. It wasn't until I pulled the site in the Fall of 2017 and was willing to give up the Harvest Promotions dream all together that I realized 2/3 of the 2006 website was now being fulfilled by today's social media - Facebook, Linked-in & blogging to be specific. With that as-needed experience plus - of course timing - today Harvest Promotions is here to help you take those first steps in pursuing your dream or take it to the next level. For the artist, small business or ministry without a big budgetthat needs a marketing boost - I can instruct you, do it for you, or a combination of both.

Check out my Services page... then to get started please fill out the contact form on the Contact page. You can also contact me thru Facebook @HarvestPromotionsbySandy. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can help your realize your dream & reach your goal!

Sandy Lyle McIntyre       

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